We want to make sure that you get what you’re looking for so it is advisable that you go through product description page and read carefully product dimension before placing the order.
You can measure a piece of paper by a ruler to get an idea of product sizing.
Our products are handmade so there may be slight difference what written under product description but this is not something usual.
Or you can reach out to us about exact size of the product.

The gauge refers how thick your jewelry shaft is. Jewelry shaft gets thicker the smaller the number gets.
For example, an 18 gauge nose stud is thicker than a 22 gauge nose stud;
An 16 gauge nose stud is thicker than an 18 gauge nose stud.
You will see gauge written like this: 20G, 20g, and 20 gauges.
If you don't know which gauge you wear you may be able to measure it at home or you can reach out to nose piercer to get exact size that you looking for.

As long as you are wearing the correct gauge of jewelry in your piercing, just use a caliper to measure how thick (big around) your jewelry is.
You cannot measure gauge accurately with a ruler. If you do not have a caliper asks your piercer for help.

Here is AWG (American Wire Gauge) Measurements:
22 gauge = 0.64mm
20 gauge = 0.81mm
18 gauge = 1.02mm
16 gauge = 1.30mm

The inner diameter of a hoop refers to the measurement that is taken in a straight line from inside edge to inside edge. All of the jewelry that I make is measured using the inner diameter.
I use 8mm that ‘fits most’, 6mm that is ‘small’, 12mm that is ‘large’, in case of any specific measurement, please reach out to us after placing the order or leave us a note with your order.

20gauge is standard size that we recommend you on our buyer’s experience. Most of buyer’s prefers 20g if they are uncertain about the wire gauge size.
It is advisable if you don’t know; you can compare to an nose ring, or ask your piercer.

We offer the following nostril piercing styles:

Left Screw:
If you have left side nose pierced, it is highly recommended to go for left screw.

Right Screw:
If you have right side nose pierced, it is highly recommended to go for right screw.

L Shape:

The L-shape nose stud is ‘bent and shaped like an L’, hence the name. Thanks to its shape, once inserted, it firmly sits against your nostril. L-shape nose studs are usually used for new piercings - as they are easier to put in - but are also the best option for those who often change nose jewelry.

We offer two sub-options for L-Shape.
Upper L Shape :
The end of shaft are turn in upper side of your nose hence the name.
Lower L Shape :
The end of shaft are turn in lower side of your nose hence the name.

Back Screw:
This style has screw in the back side to hold the stud, You can screw your stud easily through it into your nose.

Bone End:
Nose bone studs are straight barbells that normally have a decorative piece on one end, and a small ball on the other end to keep the jewelry in place.

Straight Fishtail: The purpose of a fishtail nose ring is to create a ring that can be custom fit for your nose.
The 19mm bar itself obviously won't fit as is, so you'll take the nose ring into your piercer.
A piercer will use a device to measure your nose, and then bend the metal bar to fit your nostril based on those measurements.


Placing the order on The Ethnic Jewels is very easy and quickly. Once you found the item you would like to purchase, select the nostril piercing style and wire gauge size option and click on ‘Add to Cart’ button to place in your bag.
Follow the directions through the checkout process to complete your order. Your order will not be moved into your bag until you don’t select the customization options.
Follow the checkout procedure by using credit or debit card, PayPal login. You will be asked to enter your cell phone number or email address for the delivery purpose and order confirmation.
Once the order is placed, you’ll receive a confirmation email.

The Ethnic Jewels currently accepts PayPal payment gateway. You can use the debit or credit card at PayPal express checkout options.

We are under process to integrate other easy and convenient payment options for our buyers.

Yes, The Ethnic Jewels does offer the personalization & customization options for any kind of silver & gold jewelry.
When you found any jewelry item on internet/web and you do not see that in our shop, save that image/screenshot and reach out to us through our support email because everything is possible with us.
We launch new products weekly so you'll definitely find something you love.

We use industry-standard encryption technologies when transferring and receiving customer data exchanged with our
site server.

Buyer shall be responsible for compliance with applicable laws and regulations regarding payment of all use taxes, duties
and other taxes and the declaration of goods in their state or country of residence.
Your purchase may be subject to use tax unless it’s specifically exempt from taxation.
The Ethnic Jewels does not collect sales tax for any purchase so the buyer will be responsible for any charges applied to release their order from customs or local authority.

Yes, you will have an option to leave your message at checkout page where you can leave your message with your order. The message, enclosed in a yellow envelope, will arrive with your package.

Please refrain from using objectionable words, phrases and obscenities in your message. The Ethnic Jewels reserves the right
to remove any such objectionable words or phrases from your personalized messages.

Prices on The Ethnic Jewels are subject to change without notice. You can reach out to us to know about current offers and discounts.

Simply enter the discount code by visiting on the payment page. You will see the option at right side of the page above the order value.
A limit of one (1) discount may be applied to each order. If a second discount code is applied, our system will automatically select the better deal and the other
discount will not be applied. Discount codes cannot be used in conjunction with free shipping discount codes, referral credit, referral codes or any other type
of discount. TheEthnicJewels has the right to hold and or cancel orders that use more than one discount code.
Kindly note that TheEthnicJewels gift cards and Bundle Sets are excluded from all discounts.

Product & Material Care

Sterling silver tarnishes. There is no avoiding it entirely. Keeping your silver clean is much easier than trying to clean it after it has darkened.
However we do premium quality plating that increase it's life & makes it rust, tarnish free and water friendly.

Here are some tips:
If it's a piece you don't wear all the time, keep it in the pouch it came in and store it in a dark place, This helps prevent scratching and maintain color for vermeil and silver pieces. This minimize the oxidization (tarnish).
It's higly recommended that remove your jewelry when applying scents, lotions, sprays and in the shower.
If you do wear it all the time, you will need to periodically clean it. This can be done by purchasing a little pot of silver jewelry cleaner from your local drug or department jewelry counter, or by purchasing a cleaning cloth.
Grocery stores also carry a product called "Silvo" that works well.
There are also numerous articles on the internet with home cleaning methods that may be worth checking out.

The material our jewelry is made out of varies depending on its style and the body part it accessorizes. Please check the item description to know more about the description of materials, and based on that you can figure out the lifespan of our jewelry.

All of our nose jewelry is 100% tarnish free and waterproof. They all are plated with premium quality micron plating and made with hypoallergenic and durable metals.
Over the period of a few years after constant contact with Harsh liquids such as perfumes or heavily scented soaps, the shine may fade on these items, but they will never rust or leave a green cast.

Keloids and Nose Bumps are common for those who shift/change their jewelry frequently, but don’t clean it enough.
Please consult with your piercer or google ways to clean your piercing.
Everyone’s skin is different and may have to go through different processes.

If you got nose bump or sore inside your nose, you can wear a small stick of azadirachta indica.
The antiseptic properties of azadirachta indica will create a powerful pack that'll help to heal nose bump or sore.


The shipping and processing times depend on the items you're ordering. The status of each product (in stock, shipping later or made-to-order) is indicated on each individual product page, as well as the estimated shipping date.

In Stock
It's in our facilities and ready for a new home. Dispatching timelines are usually on same day or very next business days from the date ordered.

Shipping Later
We don’t have it on hand yet but it’s coming soon! Not to worry, you can still purchase it and your order will be added in the queue to be fulfilled and shipped as soon as they are available! The estimated ship date is indicated on the product page and at check-out for your reference. You'll see it above the "Add to Bag" button. Kindly note that you will be charged at the time the order is placed.

Made to order (including engravings and monograms)
Once your order has been placed, we need to craft the piece since it’s being made especially for you, and can take a bit more time to be processed. Be sure that the customization procedure may even take 7 business days (Maximum Time-frame) so please estimate the shipping time from the date you receive the confirmation.

Estimated Dispatch Date
The estimated dispatch date will be indicated on the respective courier service partners websites. Please note that if your order consists of shipping later and/or made-to-order pieces, the dispatch date may change.
You will receive an confirmation email once your order is updated with tracking number.
Your order may be split if the estimated dispatch dates are more than 7 days apart (Canada and US only).

Free Standard Shipping :
Postage Price : FREE
Processing Time-frame : 2-3 Days from the date of order
Transit Time-frame :
US: 6-7 Business days
India: 2-4 Business days.
Rest of the World: 13-17 Business days.

Please note that this shop belongs to India therefore there may be slight changes in transit time.

The shipping fee is fixed for all the orders received from worldwide. Indicated delivery timeline does not include weekends, holiday and any unforeseeable delays on the courier's end (weather,volume,traffic,etc).
Estimated delivery date may be delayed if an change of delivery address was submitted on the customer’s end.

Keep in mind that if your order stuck into your local custom, you will be responsible to release it by yourself.
TheEthnicJewels is unable to provide replacements or refunds for stolen packages after the shipping carrier has successfully delivered the parcel.

There may be duties and taxes incurred on your shipment that you will be responsible for. Please note that The Ethnic Jewels does not have any control over these fees and we cannot advise as to what the costs will be, as they vary by country.
For more information, please contact your local customs office. Keep in mind that we’re not able to reimburse you for duties and taxes paid upon delivery.

We ship worldwide however please contact us if you feel that you will have any trouble receiving your order.

Note: The delivery process has been adjusted temporarily until further notice so they might not ask for signature. However, if they ask for it please cooperate with them.
Please keep in mind If your order shows as delivered but is nowhere to be found, please email us , we will give our best to assist you to track the order. However any items reported as lost, will be denied for replacement or refund.

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Also note that with every order, we send an order confirmation email, which is sent to the same email used to make the purchase. Be sure to check all inboxes as it can make its way to junk/spam folder.

Gift Order
If you've been sent a gift, a gift receipt with the order number should've been included. Still can't find it? Send us an email at with the gifter's name and their email address.

Any order received to us, will be considered that you have double checked everything. Still If you need to cancel or make a change to your order, please
reach out within 24 hours of placing the order. Kindly note that the orders are dispatched as quickly as possible, we may not be able to cancel or update your order upon request.

Once shipped from our side, we won’t be able to cancel or make any changes in your order and You will be responsible for that.

Feel free to reach out to us within an hour of placing your order and we will try our best to accommodate the change before the order is processed.
Kindly note that once your order is shipped, we are unable to guarantee the change.

TheEthnicJewels cannot change the address on our end during in transit but you can contact to the shipping carrier to submit special delivery instructions.
Also If the order is lost or undelivered after changing the mailing address, we will not be responsible for any refund or replacement.

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Delivery charges are not refundable.

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Until the shipping carrier scans the package, your order status will say unfulfilled.
Please note that this does not mean your order has not been shipped or prepared.
Often times your order can be shipped/In-transit but the shipping carrier has not yet scanned the package which is why the status states unfulfilled.
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Other Information

We are not responsible for any injuries that may occur while wearing our jewelry.

Also, We are not responsible for damages caused by misuse or wear.