When Nostril Piercing Were First Introduced To Western Civilization ?

History of Nostril Piercing 

One of the earliest known physical alterations in human history is the nose piercing stud; it's a safe bet that before writing was invented, people were piercing themselves to express social standing, record experiences, or participate in rituals that modern people today find hard to comprehend.

Additionally, nose piercings have deep cultural significance in many civilizations, which explains why they come up frequently in discussions about cultural appropriation; for instance, piercing the left nostril in India is related to relieving women's menstrual pain, and traditional piercing practices are still practiced in many African cultures. In other words, anything you do to your body with a needle has a very complicated and long history.

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Introduction of Nostril Piercing to the Western Civilization and Its Roots to India

An orientalist fascination sparked the western trend toward nose piercing studs with Indian women. Beginning with a French performer by the name of Mademoiselle Polaire, who in the 1910s and 1920s advertised herself as the "ugliest woman in the world," it was problematic because part of her appearance included wearing a nose ring with South Asian influences to appear more exotic. However, nose piercings didn't start to gain popularity in the United States until the 1960s. However, people noticed Polaire's nose piercing, which was yet another sign of pretension. They probably had no idea that a century later, people would get the same piercing in different variants such as black nose stud, gold stud nose ring, and hoop nose piercing to look cool on Instagram rather than to broadcast their extreme eccentricity. 

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In the 1960s, when India gained independence and free love was in full swing in the west, young hippies started traveling the world. Again, nose rings started to gain popularity; it was unmistakably a ripoff of South Indian women's customs regarding having their noses pierced, and western women wanted to incorporate that into fashion. Punk rockers and goths later adopted nose piercing as a defiant symbol of rebellion against traditional values and a physical declaration of individual independence in the 1970s and 1980s.

Using Nose Rings to Make a Statement

The reputable jewelers today offer a wide variety of hip and trendy patterns of nose piercing studs. Let's go over some guidelines that can help you pick the best type of nose ring to boost your glamour factor. 

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Why You Should Go For A Gold Stud Nose Ring

A straightforward gold stud nose ring looks lovely. Additionally, it goes well with western attire. Even those without pierced noses can purchase nose rings. There are floral and u-bent designs for the nose piercing. Young people are also interested in large and small black nose studs with jewels. These can be worn for festivals and other special occasions and go well with western attire.

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The Generic Temptation of Hoop Nose Piercing

Hoop and stud nose rings are your two best choices for starter nose rings. Because they won't likely put pressure on your nostril if it swells during the healing process, hoops, like captive rings, are a good option. Silver hoop nose piercing and gold hoop nose piercing are popular types of starter jewellery for nostril piercing. In contrast to a nose bone or even a nose screw, a sufficiently-long stud can be initially inserted without sticking out awkwardly, and the person doesn't have to be concerned about losing it. These elements make hoop nose piercing a desirable option for beginners who want a nose piercing.

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The Unbeatable Charm of The Black Nose Stud

Pretty much every single shape looks good with a black nose stud. You can choose a larger nose stud with a stone if your nose is wide. You can select a smaller stud if your nose is narrow. A nose stud looks good with both Indian and western clothing. One major benefit of purchasing nose studs is that they come in different variants, such as gold stud nose ring, silver nose piercing, and silver hoop piercingYou can always wear one without worrying about what kind of clothing will go with it.

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The smallest piece of jewellery in your collections of gold and diamond jewellery is a nose piercing stud. Moreover, it's the most fashionable jewellery you can try out. Young people are becoming increasingly interested in getting their noses pierced, and The Ethnic Jewels is a reputable online jeweller offering designs for hip, cool, and unique nose studs. Also, do not forget that a nose piercing stud makes a wonderful present for your loved ones. Place your order now! 

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