Latest Ethnic Nose Ring Trends in 2022

Ethnic nose rings are elegant, sophisticated and can elevate your entire appearance. The custom of wearing nose rings in India can be traced back to the 16th century Mughal era, but it originated in the Middle East. They also have different religious connotations across cultures. As a result, nose rings have been a widely loved part of cultural jewelry in India.
Irrespective of your reasons for wearing a nose ring, we present the latest ethnic nose ring trends that will help you add to your exquisite collection.

Top 6 ethnic nose ring trends 2022 

Dangle Nose Ring

These ethnic nose rings are versatile and eye-catching. Embellished with delicate stones and handcrafted to perfection, dangle nose rings are perfect for an extravagant event and will surely make you the center of attention. You can pick from various options, including the sun dangle nose ring, cubic dangle nose ring, and tiny star with heart dangle nose ring, to name a few.
Dangle Nose Ring
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Gold Nose Stud

Gold nose studs are classy and a perfect accessory for Indo-Western outfits. There are no limitations to the creativity in the style and design of these nose ring studs. You can find several eccentric pieces such as the gold bat nose stud, gold skull nose stud, and hello kitty gold nose stud to up your style game.


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Black Nose Stud

Black nose studs have a sleek and mysterious touch to them. Their rare beauty makes them the perfect choice for someone who wants to add an element of surprise to their look. Some unique design options are the CZ black flower nose stud, black tiny nose stud, trillium flower black nose stud, and sunflower black clear crystal nose stud.


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Rose Gold Stud

Rose gold ethnic nose stud is modern, feminine, and graceful. They are perfect for date nights and for when you just want to look polished and refined. Triangle corkscrew nose stud, trillium flower nose stud, geometric shape nose stud are just some of the many options in the market.
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Silver Nose Stud

Silver nose studs can make or break your look. They’ve been an important part of tribal jewelry in India, and you can incorporate them into your style effortlessly with the right quality product. Look for designs like the silver tiny heart hoop nose ring, sunflower silver nose stud, silverfish nose stud, and silver bat wings nose stud.


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Zodiac Signs Ethnic Nose Pin

These nose pins are some of the most quirky and creative pieces trending this year. If you’re an astrology enthusiast like us, you would love these amazing collections. Check out our Gemini zodiac nose stud, Libra zodiac nose stud, Scorpio zodiac nose stud, and Virgo zodiac nose stud.


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Where can I shop for exquisite ethnic nose rings?

It is not always easy to trust the right brand for quality and purity. Artificial nose rings can cause irritation to the skin, have a strange metallic smell and can wear out soon after purchasing it. At The Ethnic Jewels, we ensure that our nose rings are pure and offer custom-made ethnic nose rings. 

We started with the intention of supporting our tribal community, and through our extensive collection of handmade tribal jewelry, we continue to do the same. 3D printing, CAD modeling, rendering, and casting methods are the hallmark of our design process, adding to the overall quality of the product.

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