The Various Styles Of Nose Rings

Thanks to the fashion industry turning its head back to traditional themes that has given many classic accessories a strong reappearance, a nose ring being one of them. It’s an adorable piece of jewelry for every beautiful face and for every individual preference, there’s a different style of nose ring. 

Irrespective of whether it’s because of a whimsical sunflower nose ring or unique initial nose rings, women adorn themselves with these accessories to add an elegant layout that simultaneously highlights the timeless beauty of their face. It also reflects a cultural elegance considering they have been an integral element of various cultures like that of India.  

A nose ring gives you a very impactful look without overpowering your grace. It is an ideal addition to your wardrobe if you are approaching a minimalist fashion outlook. However, depending on different styles, there are nose rings of all types. Celebrities adore nose rings in both reel and real life. You are able to have a certain attachment with their character because the ring blends beautifully with all the facial expressions, that is what sets this accessory apart from the others. If worn correctly, it has the power to change your overall look. 

So the question is, what kind of nose ring would adore your face the best? When we think about trying out different styles of nose rings, this question often comes to our mind. However, before buying a nose ring, there are some things to consider. To begin with unequivocally, not all nose rings lay the same way on all face types. Each person should choose a nose jewelry differently, so let’s dig deeper into which one looks best on which face or nose type. 

1. Nose Stud:

Nose studs flatter everyone at any time and anywhere. A nose stud looks cool on outfits of all sizes and themes, so their flexibility to blend well with different colors and styles is praise-worthy. For maintaining a daily outlook, choose a modest diamond nose stud. Small nose studs look great on all outlines of faces. If you have a wide nose, simply go with a huge nose stud with a stone or enamel. You are open to work on different shapes and sizes of nose pins. 

2. Bali:

It is a circular ring with a simple frame in gold or silver. It carries a minimalist vibe for the face. Balis are suitable for women with a distinguished nose. Bali is a unique choice that one might look into especially if you are someone who stands out in the crowd for their simplicity. It is also a flattering choice for all the face types, making it an excellent decision to buy and wear. Based on its design, Balis are best suited for traditional outfits at auspicious occasions. 

Balis can be of several types, they can either be small three-stoned ones or the large ones suited on bridal outfits at Indian weddings. Regardless, it’s best for the broad noses that can bear its relatively higher density. In some cases, you may not even be required to do piercing in order to wear a Bali nose ring, which is one of its highlighting features. 

3. Hoops

Hoop nose rings serve as the ideal choice if your nose is both long and pointy. Hoop nose rings vary based on differently available sizes and patterns. The larger ones are ideal for special occasions since they consist of beautiful diamonds and pearls. Depending on the design, small-sized hoop nose pins go well with tunics, tanks, and T-shirts. Silver hoop nose rings look great on all kinds of outfits. 

4. Clip-on:

Clip-Ons are the most efficient type of nose jewelry in terms of fitting. As the name suggests, you can wear this accessory without getting a piercing. It’s a U-shaped nose ring with plain metal on the back and graphics on the front. Slip the Clip-On in between your nostrils and press it firmly in place to secure its position. It also features beautiful motifs and is embellished with precious stones like pearls and diamonds. 

5. Septum nose ring:

Nothing is as catchy as a septum ring when it comes to being a center of attention. All you need is a bold outlook with the courage to wear it. They are versatile and convenient for every occasion. They are also available in a variety of styles with different types suited for different occasions, some of which are bold while the others are basic and subtle. 


In the wake of a new era of elegance combined with a revived appreciation for traditional styling originated from various cultures, the resurgence in the value of nose rings in the 21st century is one of the best happenings. With its simple yet impactful trait, nose rings are flawlessly capable of leveling with the unique beauty of every face and elevating its humanistic grace. 

Nose rings have always charmed the fashion realm because of its availability in variety, whether it’s the the underrated grace of a nose stud, the minimalist charm of a Bali, not to forget about the show stopping allure of hoop rings, the convenience of clip ons, or last but not the least, the bold charisma of septum rings. Out of these and many other options, selecting the right nose ring is a matter of understanding your way of individual expression, your face type, and your choice of  outfits for better suitability. It’s a crucial decision in order to maintain your overall level of styling.

In the end, be mindful of exploring the vast range of nose rings so that it underlines your elegance just like the way you want. From a subtle touch to a dynamic statement, styling with nose rings is indeed your wonderland of possibilities. So in case you are looking for a one-stop shop for all types of nose jewelry like a dangling nose cuff, a swirl nose ring, a snake nose stud, or any other styles of nose rings mentioned above, then your search ends here! At Ethnic Jewels, we have the widest room for ornaments of all sizes and shapes that is simply unmatched in quality and availability. Check it out yourself by shopping on Ethnic Jewels now!

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