The Ultimate Guide To Nose Piercing

Nose piercing imparts a subtly edgy yet mysterious look to the wearer. Perhaps that's why you'll notice every second celebrity seems to be wearing one. Nose piercing does make a bold statement and is popular with any gender. One should, however, research the risks and challenges involved in it. People should try wearing a clip-on nose stud or nose hoop and see how well it complements their personality and style before committing to the act of nose piercing itself. 

As with any body piercing, one should understand its long-term consequences. For instance, whether it would gel in the chosen career path and be allowed in the work environment. 

Here's how you can get a seamless nose piercing experience.

Research About The Piercing Professional You Are Planning To See

Ideally, any facial piercing is entrusted to experienced professionals and done in extremely hygienic surroundings. However, it would be best to visit the place beforehand and discuss the experience and style of piercing with the professional. 

Certain high-end jewellery shops or boutiques have their own piercing professionals. Once the client selects and buys a nose pin, nose piercing is done in the jewellery boutique itself.

Decide On The Piercing Method You Want To Go For

Experienced, high-quality professionals believe in carrying out nose piercing the traditional way - with new, sterilised, hollow needles. Piercing guns are not advised as they are unhygienic and cause tissue damage which may lead to an infection. 

Keep these things in mind while embarking on the typical piercing journey

  • Choose a piercing clinic, salon or jewellery establishment that guarantees the use of sterilised equipment. The piercing needle should be taken out from a sealed bag in front of the person having the piercing. Ensure that the needle is discarded in front of you after the piercing.
  • The professional piercer should wear sterile, new gloves and disinfect the part of the nose where piercing needs to be done. A mark is made on the place to be pierced. Generally, the professionals are experts and suggest a spot. 
  • Make sure the spot is exactly where you want it. Also, this would be the last chance to change your mind.
  • Piercing in the marked place is done by a new, hollow needle the traditional way, instead of using a piercing gun which can cause tissue damage.

Everyone has a different threshold of pain. However, nose piercing does not hurt a lot.

Learn About The Safest Metals For Nose Studs Used After Piercing

Nose studs come in an assortment of colours and styles, and materials, so prepare to pick out your favourite type of nose piercing. Remember that nose studs being used for the first time should not cause allergies or infection. 

The best materials of nose studs recommended are made from-

  • Titanium: It is best for people with sensitive skin. Though more expensive, it does not cause infection.
  • Surgical steel: It is a good material for nose studs as it does not react with the skin.
  • Gold: It is a beautiful metal. However, it is not tolerated well by some people.

These metals are safe. Some others, like silver, nickel and others, cause allergies or sensitivity.

Aftercare And Healing

A nose piercing requires quite some care to allow healing. The professional piercer generally gives a bottle of saline solution with handling instructions. Aftercare begins the day of the piercing. Saline solution should be applied on the site of nose piercing 3-4 times a day. 

Excess runoff should be gently dabbed dry by tissue as cloth towels can harbour bacteria and snag on the nose stud, causing injury. 

Once the hole is completely healed, the initial nose stud can be changed two to three months after piercing.

Bottom Line

The Ethnic Jewels has a plethora of beautiful nose pins available. Whether you are looking for a nose stud, nose collar, hoop or dangler, the Ethnic Jewels has it all and more! No matter what you choose, you will certainly make a statement with your unique nose embellishment.

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