Silver Stud Nose Rings for Every Face Type

Since time immemorial, women from all over the world have been using jewellery like a silver stud nose ring or a hoop ring to adorn themselves. A silver nose ring not only gives you a beautiful, chic appearance but can even transform the look of your face. It's a worthy investment if you don't like to wear too much jewellery and are just looking for something understated to enhance your look. You can easily wear them to the office and any family function like parties or weddings. 


A diverse variety of styles and patterns of silver stud nose rings are available online. If you Google 'silver ring nose pin' or 'silver stud nose pin', you will be flooded with a wide range of contemporary and traditional designs that you can choose from online. However, it is better to buy a silver stud nose ring that best suits your face type instead of blindly following fashion trends. 

Here is a helpful guide about the common types of nose rings that suit every face type:


Nose studs are suitable for every face shape. If you have a wide nose, choose a bigger stud, preferably with a stone on it. A tiny nose silver stud will look good on you if you have a petite nose. Nose studs go with a wide variety of outfits, both ethnic and western. This feature makes studs more preferable than nose rings and hoops, as you can wear them irrespective of the kind of attire you are wearing. 

Silver Nose Stud

Giant Stone Studs

Giant stone studs or rubies can amplify your glam quotient if you have a prominent nose and a square face. Such accessories will smoothen out your appearance as they can divert attention from your square jawline. They are also a good choice if you don't prefer traditional designs in nose studs or rings. These giant stone studs' quirky designs and shapes will make you stand out in the crowd. 

Giant Stone Studs


If you have a long, narrow nose, hoops are ideal for you. However, you must avoid them if you have a broad nose. A hoop silver nose ring stringed with diamonds and pearls looks resplendent with traditional outfits for occasions like festivals and marriage. 

On the other hand, simple hoop nose rings go well with Kurtis, tunics, and even western tops, depending on their patterns and styles. Hoops give the wearer a polished, classy appearance. 

Silver Nose Hoop

Half Hoops

Half hoops have a half-circle and arch design that has a slimming effect on round faces. That is because its vertical shape balances a chubby face. Such a nose ring accentuates your makeup to give you an elegant and stylish look. Half hoops are the best choice if you are looking for a traditional yet unconventional aspect. 

Half Hoops

Septum Rings

If you want a silver stud nose ring that goes with every type of face shape, your search ends at septum rings. They are offbeat, glamorous, and ensure that all eyes are on you when you walk into a room. All you need is the fashion sense and panache to carry it. Septum rings come in a variety of sizes and designs. Some are prominent and can be worn as a statement piece, while some are simple and dainty. 

Depending on your style, you can wear a silver nose pin stud or silver nose ring for a pierced nose and add a new dimension to your overall look. It will add to your look and enhance your personality. 
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