Nose Stud v/s Nose Rings: Selecting The Right Piercing

Have you ever wondered about what kind of nose piercing you want between a ring and a stud, especially when you are ready for it? Then know that you are not alone. That is why we are here to guide you on the main differences between these styles of piercings so that you can make decisions carefully and therefore proceed further with the correct choice. 

In this article, you will dig deep on what kind of jewelry is ideal for who, which will be eventually narrowed down to your personal preference. It is important to know that there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to your individual choice. Let’s dig deeper and start off with the general explanation for both nose rings and nose studs. 

What are Nose Rings?

Nose rings are hoops that comprise a soft glimmer at one side and contain a tiny ball to prevent the nasal jewelry from slipping out. The nose jewelry is usually very thin because with that shape it can slide in and out conveniently from the pierced opening. 

Due to the paper-thin structure and the curve design, a nose ring becomes vulnerable to be loose if there is no way to lock one of its ends, typically from its rear side. After your piercing is fully healed, you can wear the nasal ring. According to piercing experts, it is best to not wear nose rings until complete healing because nose rings on fresh piercings can cause discomfort and can be detrimental to the healing work. This is evident from the pain caused during the act of inserting the nose ring. That’s why an alternative to nose rings is to get a nose stud. Remember, we are just talking about nose rings with piercings. If you want to adorn nose rings without piercings, then look out for nose ring cuffs.

What are Nose Studs?

Nose studs consist of a single stud as a display piece on the outside of the nostril. They are way too common in gold and silver but are also available with various gemstone nose studs as well. 

Nose studs consist of straight slim pins with a tight screw fastening to fixate the nasal jewelry. They are more simple, thus making them ideal for a minimalist fashion outlook. Thus, if you are not fond of drawing too much attention on yourself, buy nose studs and let its minimalistic essence elevate your fashion sense. 

How to Select the Right Piercing?

When going for a piercing for the first time ever, it could be a tough call to choose between a nose stud and a nose ring. Obviously you are looking for new jewelry to enhance the sophistication of your face. 

As per the piercing experts, they are likely to advise you that studs are a more subtle option. Nose studs are also the superior choice in such conditions where the piercing is more on the wing or nasal crease, or more towards the back. 

If you opt for a higher position for your piercing, you can easily choose a stud. In case of a nose ring, you did have to first ensure that it is large enough to wrap comfortably around your nostril. If that does not happen, you may not be able to get the look that you wished for. But if you still want to go for a ring, do not be discouraged, buy nose rings but take the necessary precautions for good care. 

Some people like to style with an extra shine for which a larger nose ring is the right accessory. For people with a piercing having a lower positioning down the nose, a smaller nose ring would be the right fit.

What matters the most?

In the end, it’s the level of your comfort with either the ring or the stud that matters the most. Be confident in your choice no matter what. Jewelry of all kinds is aimed to compliment your way of styling, you just have to be shrewd about which one suits you the most. 

Therefore, the conclusion of the debate for the nose ring v/s nose stud preference is truly a matter of individual opinion only and as stated before, there is no right or wrong answer with it. You can start with any style you like out of the two and if you change your mind after some time once the piercing heals, you can always replace it for another. 

The good news about nose piercings is that they heal moderately quick. So you can always swap styles and piercing positions in less period. Preferably, you should still start with a stud as they are more discreet and adjustable, which will give you a good base for handling nose jewelries better in the future. 

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Final Thoughts 

Nose piercings are a thing of essentials today when it comes to styling with accessories for women. They boost your confidence by giving a more sophisticated look on the outline of your nose, thus complementing your profile in a really subtle manner. Also, we have also concluded how the right choice of piercing style comes down to which style you feel more confident in adorning. You can try both styles out by giving your piercings the adequate healing time. 

Before you end up piercing your nose, it is best to assess all the factors in finalizing between a nose ring and a nose stud. While others may have different opinions, we believe the most authentic choice comes from one’s individual preference. Choose your ideal nose ring or nose stud with care and make sure your selection looks as stunning and flawless as possible. 

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