Nose Rings Are The New Fashion Trend That The Industry Is Not Talking About

Nose rings originated in the Middle East regions dating from 4000 to 5000 years back. The Mughals brought it to India during their reign and spread it to other countries all over Asia over time. At that time, nose rings were worn for more than just jewellery. Women wore it because of the belief that it reduced pain during the moon time (periods) and had ayurvedic benefits for women.

Nose Rings


People of all sexes and genders now wear nose rings. In the U.S., UK, Canada, the Caribbean, Australia, and Europe, it is no more primarily associated with a single social class. By today's standards, nose rings are a classic. It is a must-wear in multiple cultures around the globe and is popular among celebrities, musicians, and business executives. 

Different Types Of Nose Rings On Different Occasions

The diverse types and sizes  present themselves nose rings can be mixed and matched for different occasions according to how they want toes. Want your bland daily look to have a quirky highlight to it?  A nose ring might do just that. Here are some of the many options listed for you.


Nose studs are small with a single gem or a small design. They are subtle and comfortable for daily wear. Silver, gold, or rose gold studs are a fantastic accessory for your work fashion as it's not too flashy for the professional environment. They are suited for western fashion, like jeans and t-shirts for a casual look or a fancy western dress. Some studs come with a bigger design that can be worn for parties and events.

Rose gold nose stud


There are many ways nose hoops can be worn. You can wear them on the nostrils or loop them on your nose bridge. All of them are attractive. They come in a variety of sizes and designs for the wearer to choose what suits them the best. Gold nose hoops are traditionally used for Indian bridal jewellery. The traditional Indian brides wear red lehengas or sarees and combine them with heavy gold jewellery. 

Nose Hoop

In western fashion, it is suited to all kinds of styles; adding hoops with other leather accessories can give you a rock or gothic look, which passes the vibe-check of many teenagers today.


These nose rings are loud and bold. Rose gold dangles are state-of-the-art accessories that can upgrade your overall look. Danglers come in a variety of designs and metals. There are some very unique designs available in this style of nose jewellery. Many nose ring lovers like to have words or luxury brand names for danglers. It is an awesome way to look rich and intimidating at an event. 

Nose Ring Dangle


Ethnic Style Nose Rings  

True to its Asian roots, ethnic nose rings are most commonly worn in India for various occasions. They are a must-wear item for brides, but it is not limited to only them. These nose rings are common jewellery, even in daily wear in some regions and cultures in India. They have beautiful and mainly floral designs etched with glorious stones that just give a lovely glow to the person wearing them.

Ethnic Nose Ring


Why Are Nose Rings Trendy?

Nose rings are becoming more common amongst major big-screen figures that are stirring the fashion industry. People who like these celebrities and follow their trends add nose rings to their fashion, making it more popular. 

Nose rings are a fantastic way of telling a little something about your bold and cool personality at a glance. Some nose ring enthusiasts wear their zodiac signs. When so many different styles and occasions go well with nose rings that also come in a huge variety and styles, it is only a matter of time before people start talking about this super trendy jewellery. 

Zodiac Sign Nose Ring

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