Nose Pin vs. Nose Ring: Nose Piercings For Different Nose Types

Nose piercings, such as your initial nose ring or nose pin, can symbolize a multitude of feelings and emotions, it can be a symbol of your womanhood, it can showcase your rebellion or it can be the touch of elegance you crave.

Nose piercings traditionally originated from the Middle East but its traces can also be found in various cultures such as Central Asia, Central and South America, Australia, etc. In India the ritual of nose rings was introduced later on. 

There are 2 major kinds of piercings:

  • Nose Pins
  • Nose Rings

The style of the piercing is different for each country and its culture including whether you should pierce the right or the left nostril, a gold nose stud, zodiac signs nose pins, gold nose cuffs, septum piercings, etc. 

However, the beauty of a nose adorned with a piercing remains constant.

Nose Pins

Nose Pins have been known by many names such as Nath, Nak ki keel, Nak chabi or Laung. It is one of the most underrated pieces of jewelry but it adorns your face in such a way that it holds the power to change the complete look of a person.

For many, it is a form of self expression as it is a versatile accessory. Using a high-quality metal, such as a gold nose stud in 14K or 18K gold, Titanium or Diamond is the most popular choice.

There are various kinds of nose pins that you can choose from, such as:

  • Zodiac signs nose pins
  • Plain gold nose stud
  • L bent
  • Straight end
  • Fishtail
  • Ball end
  • Screw end

With nose pins you have the freedom to choose your style. You can choose depending on the shape of your face or whatever simply feels like you.

Nose Ring

Wearing different types of nose piercings for nostrils, especially nose rings, has been a part of many cultures since the dawn of civilization. In the past, the economical as well as the social status of wealthy families was signified by their women wearing nose rings. It has symbolic as well as aesthetic purposes. 

Today, more and more people are leaning towards adopting their culture and wearing nose rings as a part of their self expression. 

Nose rings help you express your personality in a way no other piece of jewelry can and can be your spokesperson for telling the world about your lifestyle and personal preferences.

There are a wide variety of ways you can style your nose rings, such as:

  • Gold nose cuffs
  • High nostril ring
  • Nasallang ring
  • Bridge ring
  • Septum ring
  • Austin bar
  • Rhino ring

There are different types of nose piercings for nostrils of different shapes and sizes, choose the one your feel fits you best.

Different Nose Piercings For Different Nose Types

The kind of nose piercing you get depends on the type of nose you have. 

So, if you should get a nose ring or a nose pin can be determined by the following factors:

  • Types of Nose Piercings For Nostrils of Different Shapes

The shape of your nose or nostrils plays a decisive role in whether you should go for a nose stud or a ring. It also affects the appearance of your face. 

As a general rule, nose rings suit those with a broad or bigger sized nose, the nostrils are bigger so it gives a charming and attractive overall look. 

Whereas for those with slimmer or narrower noses with smaller nostrils, nose pins are preferred. But it is not a rule and you should go for whatever you love.

  • The Material of The Piercing

When you go for a piece of jewelry, the material is one of the most important factors to keep in mind. 

You want to get something that is made out of high quality metal and is authentic. Always prefer piercings that are made either out of gold, silver or platinum. 

Indian women are known to go for gold jewelry, preferably 18K or 20K gold. 

  • Shape of Your Face

Face shape is a factor that is a must to consider when looking to get your nose pierced. This is because there are various shapes and sizes of piercings available in the market and you need to go for the one that suits your unique face structure the most. 

There is a wide range of options available as there are multiple face shapes such as square, diamond, round, oval, etc.

However, nose rings are suitable to any face shape be it oval, round, square or any other face shape.

  • Styling And Occasion

The style of nose piercing you want and the occasion on which you want to wear it, determine the kind of piercing you should get. 

For instance if you want a daily wear piercing then you could go for a simple gold nose stud as it is easy to wear and does not come with any extra attachments or chains. 

Nose rings however, may come with extra attachments. They are a good choice if you are looking to get something stylish for a ceremony or an occasion such as a marriage function.

  • Shape of The Piercing

The shape of the piercing you are thinking of getting must be an important factor in your decision making process. 

Nose pins are easy to wear as they come with a twisted end for the convenience of the person who is wearing it. They can also be customized as per your choice.

On the other hand, nose rings, as the name suggests, are small circular rings or hoops that you just have to simply wear in your nose. They can be dangling or may come with some accessories such as a ball or some chains, etc. It is usually worn on some ceremony or occasion but can also be worn as a day to day accessory.

Some Other Factors to Keep in Mind

Although we have discussed the critical factors that one must consider before getting a piercing, there are several other factors that are worth keeping in mind.

Some of them are as follows:

  • Position:

The position, at which you wear your piercing, matters. Nose pins are often worn on a nostril, it can be either the left one or the right one, depending on your culture and traditions. However, as per the Vedas, Hindu women must wear the nose pin/ring on the left nostril as it has a direct connection to the health of the reproductive system.

It is stated in Ayurveda that a large number of nerves are in our nostrils out of which the ones connected to the reproductive system are concentrated in the left nostril. When stimulated they make for a healthy uterus and can even ease labor pains or menstrual cramps.

  • Type:

India is a country that is made up of people who come from dozens of different cultures, rituals and traditions. Such a multi-cultural environment means that there are various different kinds of nose piercings that one can choose from.

From the Rajasthani nose pins, to the Punjabi, the Marathi and the South-Indian ones, there is a diverse variety available. At The Ethnic Jewels, we respect all cultures and this is why we offer a large variety of nose piercings to choose from.

Some popular kinds of nose piercings to choose from are gold nose stud, gold nose cuffs, zodiac signs nose pins, etc.

  • Piercing Backing

Most nose piercings don't come with a backing since unlike earrings they are shaped in a way that doesn't cause them to fall out. 

Most preferred type of nose pins are the screw nose pins that come in a twisted design. Another one that is becoming a favorite of the new generation are the nose pins that do not require a piercing.

To prevent them from rotating, nose pins may come with a flat end.

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