How Can Nose Rings Reflect The Wearer's Style?

Nose piercing is the second most popular body piercing, next to only ear piercing. The culture has survived centuries, and we can often see characters wearing nose rings in paintings, sculptures, or books worldwide. It has become even more mainstream in today's era. 

Black Nose Stud

nose ring is a jewellery piece that can bring a holistic change to your style. It's the first accessory that grabs attention when someone looks at it, which means it announces its presence at first glance. Even a simple black nose stud can add considerable value to the wearer's personality. However, its size and style hold immense importance here because different occasions require different preparations. To make sure you find a perfect fit for every occasion that also matches your unique personality and can make you stand out without going overboard, the ethnic jewels have brought this list of different types of dangling nose rings. Let's take a look -

Dangle Nose Ring


Studs are the most popular nose rings among both men and women. They are not as noticeable and go with every occasion, clothes, and place. People who like to show off their individuality, adding that little touch of sparkle on their face, prefer this the most because there are many experiment opportunities. You can choose from different colours and sizes to different materials, gems and prints. Gold stud rings are very popular, and black nose studs are preferred too. 

Gold Nose Stud


Smaller and medium-sized hoops are the first choice for people who want to maintain a balance between simple and bold. Bigger hoops are for the people who prefer bold style statements and don't hesitate to show their confident selves. Just like studs, you can experiment with hoops too. You can try different sizes and thicknesses. The more noticeable it gets, the bolder it looks. They are the best for those simple occasions and marriages. Hoops are so impactful that even a plain Kurti with a silver nose ring can get you the spotlight. Based on the piercing style, you can even play with the level of impact you make. 

Nose Hoop


If you think that same is boring and prefer changing your jewellery often, l-shaped dangling nose rings are for you. Thanks to its unique shape, it sits firmly against your nostrils and is easy to change. If modern designs are your preference, a black nose ring in an l-shape should adorn your jewellery box. 

Nose Screws and Fishtail

Nose screws and fishtails are best for those who like uniformity and firmness. They sit firmly and are less likely to come out on their own. People who wear gold nose ringssilver rose rings, or other expensive options prefer this type. You can also get many designs of this type.


Besides the shape and size of your dangling nose ring, its design and material also speak a lot about your personality and preferences. 

  • People who don't regularly change jewellery or see them as investments often get their nose rings made up of expensive metals.
  • Wearers who want to showcase their quirky personality take a liking to modern chic dangling nose rings like black nose studs or fake nose rings, with which they can experiment as much as they like.
  • The design of nose rings also says a lot about the wearer. This design can vary from as simple and minimalist as a plain bead to as unique as a zodiac sign
  • Nose piercing and the accompanying nose ring can also speak of your personality. From composed to rebellious, minimalist to extravagant, your nose ring is enough to announce your unique style.  


Getting the perfect nose ring that complements your personality and occasion can be overwhelming. But we hope this guide helps you. While choosing a nose ring, thoroughly research what type is suitable for your face shape, which material suits you, what designs please you, what feels more secure, and above all, what compliments you the best. Don't hesitate; after all, fashion is all about confidence and experiments, so enrich your jewellery box with many styles, so you are never out of options. 

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