Health Benefits of Wearing Gold Jewelry

Gold has long been used as a financial security in most households. It is a common belief that the more gold jewelry you have the more financially secure and safe you are. This is because gold can be sold for a good amount if cash in case an unexpected emergency comes upon you. It is an investment so good that it retains its value over long periods of time.

But not only this, gold has been known to boost a woman's confidence and self-esteem. It represents beauty, strength as well as elegance.

Gold is also believed to possess a wide variety of healing qualities within itself. Since ancient times people have believed that gold can help heal wounds, fight infections and promote circulation of blood with its relaxing vibes and warm and positive energy.

One of the very first civilizations to use gold for its healing purposes, in field medicine, were the Egyptians. Then came the medieval Europeans and the Romans who put gold to use in the fields of treating skin and limb issues.

But long before any other civilization, it is believed that the Indians were the ones to use gold medicinally.

In this blog we will discuss various health benefits of gold jewelry that are still popular in the modern world.

The Various Benefits of Piercings Done With Gold

Although it is believed that gold offers a lot of health benefits, we will discuss some of the most popular ones in detail.

So let's get into it:

  • Better Circulation of Blood

Authentic and pure gold helps the blood flow freely which results in relaxed blood vessels. 

This is why there are a myriad of health benefits of wearing authentic gold jewelry such as Best Life's dangle nose piercing and gold nose stud

These benefits include improved blood circulation, fending off infections and diseases, quicker healing of wounds and helping your organs function better. 

  • Helps You Look Younger

Gold has an alluring, unique glow and one of the most popular reasons that people go with this metal is that it reflects its glow onto the wearer's skin. 

It was a common belief amongst the Chinese and the Egyptians that the secret to a glowing and youthful skin is gold. It helps minimize wrinkles and fine lines and helps smoothen the skin that many beauty professionals are unable to do with lots of products, even today.

You may experience a more smooth, tightened and moisturized skin as you start wearing gold regularly. 

Gold has also been known to treat infections which is why the Romans used gold to treat any skin issues. 

For years dermatologists and cosmetic professionals have used the healing powers of gold and gold (in small quantities) is one of the most commonly found in high-quality skincare products as well. It is recommended by experts that when you look for a skin care product, look for gold based ingredients in the formulation for exquisite results.

  • Helps Slow Down Cancerous Growths

The growth of cell proliferation, that may be malignant in nature, is known to be minimized by the use of gold. 

This is the reason gold is often used as an alternative to treat diseases such as ovarian or prostate cancer. 

  • Minimizes Arthritis Symptoms

According to various researches and studies that have been conducted over a period of time, gold jewelry is a powerful weapon in the fight against pain and other symptoms caused by rheumatoid arthritis in patients.

For instance, there was a case where a woman who used to wear a wedding ring which was made out of gold, felt that her arthritis symptoms were lesser in the ring finger when compared to the rest of her fingers.
This is because gold offers various benefits, one of which is improved blood circulation.

  • Simulating Acupuncture

Jewelry piercings can offer similar benefits to those of acupuncture methods as many piercings help activate the body's pressure points. 

Acupuncture professionals often use needles that have a tip made out of gold because it is believed to help release and regulate the flow of energy throughout the body as well as ease pain. 

So we can say that gold piercings have a dual benefit on your body as they offer the same benefits as that of acupuncture and you are also able to enjoy the benefits offered by the properties of gold.

  • Speeds Up Healing

Gold has properties that help in the relaxation of blood vessles and better circulation of blood which in turn helps wounds heal faster and also reduces any soreness that may be present.

The blood is infused with more oxygen due to the better circulation which is one of the key aspects of healing hence it is said that wearing gold leads to a speedy recovery of your wounds.

This is the reason it is recommended to get your initial piercings done with authentic gold jewelry (at least 14-18K gold) instead of the popular 'gold plated jewelry' as it makes the piercing heal much quicker.

You can check out our collection at The Ethnic Jewels if you are looking for authentic and nickel free gold jewelry, we suggest you buy nose hoops made of gold for your initial piercing.

  • Improved Mental Health and Overall Wellbeing

Although there are many health benefits of wearing gold jewelry, it also is really great for your psychological health. Since gold pleases everyone aesthetically it naturally makes the person wearing it feel good about themselves. It helps cheer you up and gets your confidence the boost it needs.

Authentic gold jewelry is also known to reduce anxiety and stress related issues. People feel happier, lighter and calmer when they adorn themselves with gold jewelry.

Wearing gold is also an indicator of comfort since one of the biggest stress causing agents in today's lifestyle are financial ones and wearing gold assures you that you have the means to enjoy the stability you crave, resulting in reduced stress levels.

Anyone can flaunt a pair of dangle nose piercing or a gold nose stud which is why gold is a material that is perfect for every individual. 

It just makes you feel better about yourself.

It helps boost self-esteem and in turn helps drastically improve your mood.


Authentic gold is much more than just an aesthetic. It also helps you to improve your physical and psychological well being. It is also something that makes someone feel good about themselves.

Choose The Ethnic Jewels and enjoy the peace and allure that gold offers.

With us, you get only the best.

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