Different Types Of Nose Rings That Enhance Your Beauty

Indian women have traditionally embraced nose pins since they were introduced in our country. Nose rings are appealing jewels that have the power to enhance your beauty. Their distinct allure can make you look stunning whether you’re opting for an ethnic or Indo-western look. 

Nose Rings

A range of nose piercings is available in the market, varying in colour, size, design, and quality. With so many options, it can get slightly confusing to pick out the one that suits you best. To help make this task easier, we present to you some of the most popular types of nose rings and which ones you should choose! 

Different Types of Nose Rings

Below are a few types of contemporary nose pins and nose rings that women of all age groups adore.

Simple Stud

These are one of the best nose rings that can be worn daily for a casual look. These rings are perfect for women who love to adorn themselves subtly. You can wear them for any occasion, be it a night out with your friends, a business meeting, or a party.

Nose Stud

Floral Stud

Floral ethnic nose pins are perfect for more traditional attire. They are feminine, elegant, and festive, making them your ideal choice for happy occasions.

Nose Rings with Gemstones 

Gemstone nose pins look minimalistic but regal at the same time. The embellished gemstones can be fitted to both gold and silver pins and will go wonderfully with an otherwise plain outfit. Let the nose ring speak for itself!

Ethnic Nose Stud

Bent Floral Nose Pin

This is a perfect combination of a nose pin and a nose ring. The bend gives it the look of a ring, and the floral design helps it look like a nose pin. The bent floral nose pin will help you experiment with your look and draw the room’s attention.

Nose Pin with a U Bend 

This is a stunning nose ring design that is perfect to pair with ethnic attires. This bold and edgy nose pin can be worn without a nose piercing by simply pressing it on.

Nose Stud

Looped Nose Ring

A looped nose ring, traditionally called Koka, looks ethereal with embellished stones on a gold band. 

Simple Bali or Closed Hoop Nose Ring

A simple Bali or closed hoop nose ring is a safe and evergreen option. It is a good choice for everyday wear and goes beautifully with both western and traditional attires. This kind of nose ring is mostly worn in gold but they are also available in silver. A simple Bali will give you a timeless look.

Nose Hoop

Now that you are aware of the different types of nose pinsit's time to treat yourself by adding new ethnic nose pins to your collection. The Ethnic Jewels has the best nose rings for all occasions. 

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