How to Change Your Look Instantly With an Ethnic Nose Ring

A Brief History of Nose Rings and Nose Pins

Nose piercings have had a cultural and stylistic significance for Indian women, transcending generations. They have been a part of our aesthetic sensibilities for the last 6000 years. It is widely believed that the alluring beauty of nose rings and nose pins was introduced in India in the 16th century by the Mughals from Central Asia.


Nose Rings

They are viewed as elegant jewels signifying coming of age and womanhood. In some cases, it even indicates a quiet sense of rebellion and a distinct hipster charm that can’t be denied. The styles and placement of the piercing vary across the country.  
Nose piercing rings and studs are also said to provide unique health benefits. Ayurveda suggests that nose piercings on the left side work on certain pressure points to help reduce menstrual pain and support overall reproductive health in females.

How to Use Ethnic Nose Rings to Elevate Your Look Instantly

Hoop Nose Pins

Nose piercings come in many forms, including hoop nose pinsnose studs, and nose rings. While women put a lot of thought into picking out the right earrings and necklace, they often ignore this delicate little adornment. 

One of the best things about nose rings and nose pins is that they are amazingly versatile. Whether you’re going out with your friends for a casual lunch, giving a presentation at a business meeting, or attending a wedding ceremony, there is potential to elevate every look with an ethnic nose pin

Let us show you how you can instantly glam up each of these looks!

Rainbow Silver Ring Nose Pin to Brighten Up Your Summer Outfits

Summers are all about bright and beautiful colors. What better way to accessorise your summer outfits than with a Rainbow Silver Nose Ring. The ring is made with 925 Sterling Silver and has silver plating, whereas the rainbow stones are made of Cubic Zircon (CZ).


Silver Nose Ring

Rhinestone Silver Nose Hoop Piercing for a Business Chic Look

Workplace outfits call for neutral, subtle colors, but no one said you couldn’t have a bit of fun with them. Business chic is all about a sleek, polished, and refined look. You can instantly achieve it by accessorising your outfit with this lovely Rhinestone Silver Nose Hoop. It is entirely handmade and has nickel-free plating. 

Rhinestone Silver Nose Hoop

Trilliums Flower Rose Gold Nose Studs For an Elegant Festive Look

Rose gold is a delicately charming color perfect for pairing with graceful and feminine outfits for parties, weddings, and festivals. The Trillium Flower Nose Stud is intricately designed and has a gold plating that gives it a regal appearance. It’ll surely make you stand out!


Get Your Ethnic Nose Ring Today!

Nose piercings can be a wonderful means of self-expression and identity, apart from having traditional and cultural significance. They can add an element of mystery to your persona and leave a lasting impression on everyone. If you’re as enticed by their beauty as we are, you’ll love the exquisite collection of ethnic nose rings at The Ethnic Jewels. 

They offer custom-made, handcrafted jewellery made of 925 Sterling Silver and Gold. They also use modern techniques like CAD modeling, 3D printing, rendering, and casting to make the nose piercing ring and studs. Visit The Ethnic Jewels website and order your favorite pieces today. They provide worldwide shipping!

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